Isotta housing for Sony Rx100

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Housing made in anti-corrosion anodized aluminum for Sony Rx100.
- Anti-corrosion anodized aluminum body.
- Slide for the rapid insertion and extraction of the camera.
- Rectangular portholes with bayonet mount and secure with lock to prevent accidental opening, allows the use of flash in the water with the help of a supplied diffuser.
- Front porthole completely removable to mount additional optical.
- Adapter for using flash with optical fiber.
- All controls are on the outside and the symbols are identical to those of internal controls.
- Buttons designed for use even with gloves on.
- Wheel for quick change of diaphragms on the outside.
- Wheel for quick change of the times on the outside.
- Double o-ring seal on each button, on the porthole, on the back and on all removable parts.
- Machine stability is also guaranteed under the pressure of the buttons, thanks to four points of plastic support, placed inside the front of the shell.
- Red LED for indicating the presence of moisture inside the housing, with end-user replaceable battery.
- Isotecnic closure knob assembly cap and body.
- Large rear door allows a better view of the display.
- Accessory slide allows the use of different optional (eg SPOT-peak).
- 3 holes offer the possibility to use a strap or a lower side, at will.
- 2 holes M6 allow to apply other accessories (eg flash bracket).
- Working depth: 100 m.